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Private Matters' book launch - jitters and jaunts

Introducing your debut novel to the world is, I recently discovered, a disconcerting duopoly of self-doubt and self-promotion.

Sheltering for hours, hunched over my laptop, a comfortably familiar kitchen just a few steps away, writing Private Matters, become a distant memory when exposed to an enclosed launch space, packed with attendees, keen to hear my personal warbling’s.

First time’s always the worst, it’s said, but, news just in, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Around 36 keen-beans chatted and laughed during our early evening soiree, a cosy, city-centre boardroom at Nexus Business Space providing the agreeable venue. Libation was self-service Prosecco, sparking water and ginger cordial. Good-quality salty crisps provided a bit of bite, oh, and a few bowls of Percy Pigs, for those needing a sugar hit (me)!

Speaking for about ten minutes, I gave a brief recap of my own story and the long-held desire to write a novel (now morphed in to writing book two, ‘Silver Linings’). Encountered literary and personal obstacles were described, a few tantalising quotes, proffered.

Like all good stories, a beginning, middle and end were included, infiltrated by a dollop of self-depreciation and, hopefully, a smattering of humour.

I’d been worried about the book launch – would anyone come, would they wish they hadn’t if they had - you know, the usual artistic insecurities, but I shouldn’t have been concerned. Friends, family, colleagues love a spot of celebration and, I was delighted to discover, are only too happy to raise their glass at your achievement.

Was this the first in a series? I very much hope it will be.

Mairi Fraser

October 2023

Mairi Fraser signing copies of Private Matters at her book launch in Edinburgh

Mairi Fraser delivering her speech to guests at the book launch of Private Matters

Mairi Fraser and friend at the lanch of her novel, Private Matters, in Edinburgh

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