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Do you copy?

Do you need help producing effective, informative content? Then you've come to the write place...

Everyone knows that sometimes it can be hard to find the right words. But not now you've found 'Do you copy?'.

Lifting your company with engaging content is what I'm all about. Let's work together to make your customer-contact stand out with effective copywriting.

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What I can do for you

Excellent copy, excellent content, excellent results...

You've got a great product.

So, let's make sure customers read all about it with the help of my copywriting service in your tone of voice.

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Words DO come easily

Looking to reach new business horizons? Getting your message across - in a fun, informative and engaging manner - is what I'm here to do. You're the expert in your particular area of business. However, being tongue-tied about one's own achievements can often be the case. Positive, upbeat information about your product or service is the crucial link between you and your customers.

Job description

Hold on a moment, I don't have to reach reach for my own quill and ink do I?!

Not at all. Once we've established that we're singing from the same song sheet, I'll deliver the words and you'll deliver the 'Yey' or 'Nay'. From that point, whether it's a one-off campaign or an on-going delivery, we'll decide together how best to proceed. Simple. The best things in life often are.

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A quick peek at my own life's journey

My whole career has been about words. I love them and the stories they create. Over the years, I've written for national newspapers and magazines, edited many publications and generated news ideas and content for several different media outlets and organisations.

Taking the kernel of a suggestion and turning it into something that everyone wants to read, well, this always gets me up in the morning!

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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